YWCA South Hampton Roads’ Statement on the Resignation of Governor Andrew Cuomo

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YWCA South Hampton Roads’ Statement on the Resignation of Governor Andrew Cuomo

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August 11, 2021 

As a leader in domestic and sexual violence services, YWCA South Hampton Roads’ (YWCA SHR) commitment is to believing the voices of survivors and providing them all the resources we have without barriers, fear of judgment, or negative repercussions. Those who have experienced domestic and/or sexual violence deserve our respect and a chance to rebuild a life that most often does not feel like their own.   

After the allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo led to his resignation on Tuesday, August, 10th, one thought crossed our minds at YW—what about the women and men that are sexually harassed at school, walking down the street, at work, in hospitals, on subways or busses? People that are sexually harassed by others who are not in positions to be held accountable.   

Gov. Cuomo’s resignation is not the end; we still have work to do. YWCA SHR expects accountability and justice for the brave survivors who came forward in this case. Our hearts go out to all survivors. We stand with you, and we believe you. We will not let abusers stand in the way of our work to empower women.  

“YWCA is no longer just an organization that will serve women facing domestic or sexual violence. We will stand up for neglected voices and not allow power, privilege, or oppression to bully its way into what should be safe spaces. We are an organization dedicated and obligated to dismantle domestic and sexual violence before they become a problem,” says Michelle Ellis Young, YWCA South Hampton Roads Chief Executive Officer. 

YWCA SHR will continue to get up and do the work to ensure that all women and girls across South Hampton Roads have access to safe, comfortable, and supportive work environments that are free from all forms of harassment, abuse, and violence. We are here to show the world that women and all people facing violent or abusive relationships are equal, powerful, unstoppable.