YWCA South Hampton Roads Stands Against Racism

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YWCA South Hampton Roads Stands Against Racism

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NORFOLK, VA – YWCA South Hampton Roads (YWCA SHR) joins YWCA’s and organizations across the country in calling Racism a Public Health Crisis. April 22-25 is the YWCA’s movement Stand Against Racism with a new theme this year—From Declarations to Change. This year’s event will focus on signing a pledge to end racism, and more importantly discussing how we can cause change in our community.

To honor this theme, YWCA SHR is hosting an in person and virtual event on April 22 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm outside our office at 500 East Plume St, Norfolk. Participate by driving or walking by or watching online live-streamed to our Facebook page. The event is titled Louder Together and will feature speakers, spoken word poetry, YWCA SHR staff Louder Together statements, award presentations of our Mary Helen Thomas Award and our Racial Justice Essay Contest, and YWCA SHR swag. All are welcome to stop by to receive a 5 Anti-Racist Actions and Minority Owned Businesses flyer, #StandAgainstRacism Coloring Pages, and to hear our program. All COVID guidelines will be strictly enforced during the event. Join us as we Stand Against Racism.

What are you doing to affect change? We would love to see your support either in person or virtually by engaging with us on social media. Visit @ywcashr on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to share your pledge to stand against racism with the hashtag #StandAgainstRacism and #LouderTogether. Help us in our mission to eliminate racism and create change in our community. Learn more at www.ywca-shr.org/racialjustice.