Pink Day & the Pink Tax

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Pink Day & the Pink Tax

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Have you heard of the Pink Tax? It isn’t often talked about, but it’s something we at YWCA South Hampton Roads felt needed to be discussed. Everyday women, people of color, and people in the LGBTQ+ community face discrimination that often has to be overcome. We are tired. We are exhausted from having to push over speed bumps, climb over hills, and tackle every piece of injustice that these communities face. We stand with each and everyone of them. Today, on Pink Day we felt the pull to address the Pink Tax.

Ultimately the Pink Tax refers to the obnoxious and overt price difference in women’s products (typically dyed or colored pink) versus men’s products (typically blue or black.) The gender based price difference can honestly be a shock to many, but it’s something we can fight against. Women and people who identify as nonbinary can choose men’s products when making their shopping decisions. While this tackles only one side of a much larger problem, this small tweak in everyday shopping can make such a difference in how women are marketed to and the price gap that we face daily. Below are a few ways to learn more about the Pink Tax.

NPR Podcast – 9 minutes

ABC 7 News Video – 3 minutes

Huff Post Video – 2 minutes

Healthline Article – 9 minutes