Persimmon Circle

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Persimmon Circle

For more than 100 years, YWCA South Hampton Roads has been committed to providing services to women and children in our community. To develop innovative ways of adapting our services to accommodate those in need, we rely on the philanthropic support of our community partners and friends.

Named after YWCA’s signature color, the Persimmon Circle is the leadership giving society of YWCA South Hampton Roads, made up of our most consistent and generous supporters. We want to continue our mission to serve women and girls in our community for another 108 years. But we need your support! We ask you to join us and become members of the Persimmon Circle Society.

This pipeline of support will enable us to provide vital services to the more than 10,000 victims of violence we serve annually and allows us the financial flexibility necessary to seize unique and important opportunities for the organization in the future.

Members of the Persimmon Circle will establish our major gift pipeline, a group of consistent donors who give at least $1,000 per year each year for the “foreseeable future.” These donors will be invited to our VIP receptions, kickoff parties, private events, be recognized by name at YWCA events, published in the Annual Report, and much more.

A leadership gift acts as a vote of confidence-confidence in our work to address institutional and structural racism head-on. To empower those around us to imagine a future without racism, inequality, discrimination, and interpersonal violence.

2020-2021 Persimmon Circle Donors

Donna Allen*
Mary Kate Andris
Shirley Baldwin
Geojeane Blumling
Joan Brock
Joanna Brumsey/WEC
Martha Clowdsley
Susan Colpitts
Kim Curtis
Stephanie Dickens
Marianne Dickerson
Cathy Drewry
Virginia Fogg
Giovanna Genard*
Cindy Gooch*
Christina & Susan Goode
Barbara Hamm Lee
Shelley Marriner
Joseph Massey*
Wendy McGrady
Sarah Munford*

Jeanne Natali
Norma Natali*
LaQuiche Parrott*
Elizabeth Patterson*
Ambrose Paull
Kristen Pine*
Laurel Quarberg*
Ann Rathbone
Angela Reddix
Lauren Schalk*
Blythe Scott
Ashley Scott
Audrey Settle*
Narketta Sparkman-Key
Deborah Stearns
Priscilla Trinder Roady
Jerry Warren
Deborah Yeng Collins

*Indicates a new member