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YWCA Counseling Team

The counseling center at the YWCA SHR engages trauma-informed, evidence-based practices to help each client move through crisis toward healing. Utilizing a variety of therapeutic interventions, we work with you to design a treatment plan that will work for your specific needs. Under the supervision of licensed counselors, our superbly-trained and compassionate pre-licensed counselors provide individual and group counseling for survivors of all genders and ages.

Nicole Nordan M.S.Ed, LPC, NCC, CTTS
Program Director of Counseling

Nicole is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia, a Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist and a graduate of Old Dominion University with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Nicole has been working with adolescents and adults since 2009, gaining experience from working in middle schools, colleges and homeless/domestic violence programs. Nicole specializes in treating trauma, specifically with victims of sexual assault/domestic violence and early childhood traumas. Nicole takes an eclectic approach in therapy, utilizing various therapies to help clients through the healing processes including; Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, EMDR level 1 & 2, interpersonal practice and core strength development. She also works with males, females, couples and families with issues related to self-esteem, depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, grief and loss, emotional regulation, interpersonal relationships, domestic/sexual violence and gender and sexual identity. Nicole believes a positive therapeutic relationship between a therapist and client is essential to the growth process. She creates a collaborative, warm and comfortable environment in which clients can feel free to explore. Through her strength-based, holistic approach, she strives to help individuals achieve the goals they have in mind for themselves.

Jenay Garrett, M.S.Ed, LPC

Clinical Manager

Jenay Garrett is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a National Certified Counselor and a trained substance abuse counselor. She attended Old Dominion University earning both her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Human Services in 2009 and Masters’ degree in Mental Health Counseling in 2012. Jenay is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Human & Social Services at Walden University. She has been working in the human services and mental health fields for 11 years, working in settings ranging from shelters, non-profit organizations, public schools, in-patient facilities, and outpatient therapeutic services. Jenay has experience working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, groups, and families with a variety of presenting issues to include depression, self-esteem, various forms of abuse, anxiety, anger, relationship issues, at risk behaviors, homelessness, foster care, and self-harm, however her passion is working with individuals who have experienced trauma/PTSD, suicidal ideations, and substance abuse. Jenay utilizes an integrated approach to counseling which includes, includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Feminist Theory, Trauma Informed Care, Motivational Interviewing (MI), DBT skills, Dream Work, and EMDR to help my clients process through their experiences in a healthy manner. Jenay believes that her purpose in life is to use her professional experience, educational knowledge, and passion to help other’s journey to a state of peace and healing by providing a non-judgmental space for exploration, support, and growth

Wanda McInnis, M.A.

Counselor l

Wanda received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in 2013, and a Master of Arts in Counseling in December 2017 from Regent University. Wanda began with the YWCA in May of 2017 as a Counseling Intern and was hired on as a Counselor l immediately after completing her degree. She spent her internship working with clients who were healing from various types of trauma to include sexual assault, domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse and other forms of complex trauma. Wanda’s work experiences are varied. She has gained valuable experience from her work with adolescent teens in a behavioral residential treatment setting, and managed group homes for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Wanda has also worked in local homeless shelters and gained extensive medical experience in her role as a Nurse Care Partner. Wanda volunteers in the counseling department of her church with the substance abuse recovery group and is active in mentoring recovering addicts. Wanda is passionate about meeting the client where they are and equipping and empowering them to overcome life traumas and help them live their best lives. Wanda’s counseling approach is integrative and utilizes approaches suitable to the client’s needs to include person-centered, strengths-based, CBT, and DBT.

Jerrica Newsome, M.A.

Counselor I 

Jerrica received a Bachelors of Science degree in psychology from Old Dominion University in 2013, and a Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University in 2018. In 2016, Jerrica joined the YWCA as a victim advocate in the Norfolk JDR court, where she assisted victims of sexual assault, and domestic violence in securing protective orders, and in navigating through the criminal justice process. Jerrica spent her one-year internship in the YWCA Counseling Department working with clients who were healing from domestic violence, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse and other complex trauma. She worked with them to process their history of trauma, and to develop the necessary skills to better manage symptoms of trauma, including resilience training, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, cognitive restructuring, and mindfulness. Jerrica also worked part time in the YWCA Emergency Shelter, until she was hired full time as a Counselor I in December 2018. Jerrica’s 9 years of experience in the mental health field also includes work as a direct support professional with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Norfolk, and she provided in-home counseling and skill building services to clients in Hampton & Newport News. She chose the counseling field because she believes that every person, every race, and every culture can benefit from having a safe, therapeutic space to process the difficulties and traumas of life, in order to live a more abundant and fulfilling life – together. Jerrica utilizes an eclectic therapeutic approach, incorporating techniques and interventions from CBT, DBT, CPT, and mindfulness

Ericka Smith, M.S.Ed

Counselor l

Ericka received a Master of Science in Education degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies from Old Dominion University in 2019. Ericka spent her one-year internship working with children and adolescents in the residential setting who were healing from domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse, and other complex trauma while adaptively modifying behaviors. She worked collaboratively with them on their goals to process their trauma, their parent-child or guardian relationships, and to develop the necessary skills to better cope and manage symptoms of trauma through individual, family, and group therapy. Ericka’s 4 years of experience in the mental health field also include working with college students and those within the LGBTQ community. Since joining the YWCA in 2019, Ericka continues to work with children as well as adult clients to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to begin or continue their path to healing and wellness. Ericka believes that every person from every walk of life may benefit from having a therapeutic relationship to process the difficulties and traumas of life; she also believes that everybody deserves to have the tools to live in their truth and to be the most authentic, whole, and empowered version of themselves. Ericka emphasizes a feminist and multicultural framework and utilizes an integrative therapeutic approach, incorporating techniques and interventions from Narrative Theory, CBT, DBT, TF-CBT, and play therapy.