Dr. Benjamin has a wealth of experience, evidenced by her educational achievements, spanning more than 40 years. When she began her career in the 1960s as a nurse in the south, she had to wear a different colored uniform from white nurses because of segregation. Through it all she persevered, dedicating her life to the service of others – regardless of differences.

With expertise in psychiatric mental health nursing and psychiatric epidemiology, Dr. Benjamin’s area of research has focused on Cultural Competency of Nurses Health Promotion of Minorities. She has practiced nursing in a variety to settings, and she has served as an administrative associate for the American Nurses Association’s Minority Fellowship Programs, in addition to her many roles at Old Dominion University.

Dr. Benjamin is soft-spoken, selfless, and humble. She chooses her words wisely and wise are her words when it comes to her lifelong dedication to making the world a better place when it comes to health care for all and eliminating the racist lines that create healthcare disparities.

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