Dr. Judy Jankowski has devoted her career to the education of diverse learners. Over that time, she has worked with children whose life paths have been forged by physical, cognitive and emotional differences. Understanding and providing support for a wide range of human potential is at the heart of Dr. Jankowski’s work. 

Throughout her long career, the cause of empowering young women, and particularly women in leadership, has been a priority. Dr. Jankowski has been working to demonstrate the strength of women from her earliest days as a member of only the second class of women admitted to a historically all-boys public magnet school in Chicago. She continues to break barriers as head of an independent school, a profession comprised of only 30% women.

Dr. Jankowski believes that collaboration is central to the creation of inclusive communities. Chesapeake Bay Academy is a diverse community in many ways – ethnically, racially, socioeconomically, in terms of sexual orientation/gender, physical handicaps and educational deficits. The need to bring all of these voices together in frank and respectful discourse is a value that Dr. Jankowski advocates for across the leadership team and demonstrates in our community.

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