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Dating Violence Resources

5 October 2021
Teen Dating Violence Resources Teen Dating Violence or Relationship Violence is scary and difficult to spot both when you’re the one experiencing it or a friend on the outside of... Read More

Pink Day & the Pink Tax

22 June 2021
Have you heard of the Pink Tax? It isn’t often talked about, but it’s something we at YWCA South Hampton Roads felt needed to be discussed. Everyday women, people of... Read More

YWCA South Hampton Roads Appoints New CEO Michelle Ellis Young

26 April 2021
NORFOLK, VA –YWCA South Hampton Roads (YWCA-SHR) Board of Directors has named Michelle Ellis Young as its new CEO, following an extensive national search. Michelle Ellis Young’s background as an... Read More

Earth Day & Environmental Racism – Be Anti-Racist in a Climate Changing World

21 April 2021
During our 21-Day Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge we took a deep dive into Environmental Racism. Today we’d like to shed some light on this rarely discussed topic. Below are some resources to help you... Read More

Abusers can discover your internet activities.  Clear your Browser History.

As you surf the internet, the browser you use will automatically save information about your activities. Your Browser History includes any websites you visit or queries entered into search engines. The browsers collect this information to make your browsing experience better; however, it is also accessible to anyone who knows where to look. It is crucial for you to know how to clear your History if you don’t want anyone to know you have accessed this or any other domestic violence-related website.

To learn how to clear your Browser History, visit our Safe Browsing page.