24/7 Crisis Hotline: 757.251.0144


Mary Kate Andris, Ed.D., President and CEO 

Kristen Pine, Chief Programs Officer


For questions regarding specific programs or services, please contact the appropriate person below: 

 Department:  Contact:  Email:
 Crisis Services  Michelle Walters  michelle.walters@ywca-shr.org
 Coordinated Crisis Response  Heather Faulkner  heather.faulkner@ywca-shr.org
 Development  Laura Boone  laura.boone@ywca-shr.org
 Marketing/Media  Abrielle Keeling  abrielle.keeling@ywca-shr.org
 OST Services Program Director Oscar Guzman oscar.guzman@ywca-shr.org
 Support Services  Sequoia Owen  sequoia.owen@ywca-shr.org
 TCC CDC Program Director Shawnda Cole shawnda.cole@ywca-shr.org
 Volunteer and Outreach  Kathryn Cooke  kathryn.cooke@ywca-shr.org