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YWCA South Hampton Roads supports public policy initiatives to eliminate racism and that promote women's safety, self-sufficiency and economic empowerment. To this end, we support the following priorities:

  • Legislation with strong protections against all forms of domestic and sexual assault including marital sexual assault. · Policies directed at eliminating hate crimes based on race, gender, national origin, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • Policies that promote safe storage, proper sale and legal use of guns; that curtail illegal gun trafficking; and that keep guns out of the hands of batterers, criminals, and mentally unstable persons.
  • Policies supporting accessibility, affordability and gender equity in the court/justice system
  • Policies that address causative factors around racial and cultural disparities in the state’s human service, criminal justice and educational systems.
  • Policies that protect and respect the right of every citizen to vote.
  • Employment policies that support affirmative action, a living wage, pay equity, access to education/training, and the elimination of sexual harassment.
  • Funding for services impacting women and children, including affordable housing, health care, childcare, education and transportation.
  • Health care policies that promote wellness, Insure research on women' s health issues, and provide access to affordable health care.
  • Policies that support reproductive choice for women.
  • Affordable, accessible, high quality child care and dependent care policies.
  • Child custody and visitation policies that consider the dynamics of domestic violence and protect the best interests of children.