24-HOUR: Crisis Helpline (757) 226-YWCA (9922)

Emergency Shelter

The YWCA Emergency Shelter program provides a safe place for victims of domestic violence and crisis intervention to more than 400 individuals each year. Food, clothing, and transportation, intensive case management, and support services are also provided to women, children and families. Our emergency shelter case management team provides advocacy for each shelter resident, connecting their needs with our broad range of comprehensive services and community resources. Our “Housing First” approach allows individuals and families to become more stable while seeking services they need by moving them quickly through the shelter and into permanent housing. This approach has been known to reduce homelessness recidivism.


  • Food, clothing & transportation assistance for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, as well as single homeless women.
  • Childcare assistance.
  • Life skills, financial literacy, job readiness and placement services.
  • Comprehensive mental health counseling.
  • Legal Advocacy.
  • 24-Hour Hotline providing resources and referrals for individuals who are escaping violent relationships.


  •  Nights of emergency shelter provided to women & children escaping domestic violence: 10,430.
  •  Percentage of residents exiting the shelter who transition into permanent housing: 84%.

Transitional Housing Services 

The YWCA Transitional Housing program is designed to provide individuals and families with the interim stability and support to successfully move to and maintain permanent housing while receiving accompanying supportive services. It allows individuals time to work toward stability, education and employment while continuing to heal from the traumatic experience of domestic violence and homelessness. Our goal is to assist individuals who complete the program in achieving two primary goals - increased income and transition into permanent housing.


  •  Rent and utility assistance.   
  •  Food, clothing & transportation assistance.
  •  Life skills, financial literacy, job readiness and placement services.              
  •  Comprehensive mental health counseling.       
  •  Landlord advocacy.


  • Bed nights provided through our Transitional Housing Program: 9,325.
  • Number of program participants served through the Transitional Housing Program: 71.

Rapid Re-Housing Services

The YWCA Rapid Re-Housing Program provides services to survivors of domestic violence and single homeless women through advocacy, intervention, and support. The program works to move individual families from our emergency shelter to safe, stable, permanent housing within an average of 30 days or less. Within the two years that this program has been available at the YWCA, we have assisted a total of 58 heads of household, exceeding our target goal both years.


  •  Rent and utility assistance.
  •  Childcare assistance.
  •  Life skills, financial literacy, job readiness and placement services.
  •  Landlord advocacy.


  • Rapidly Re-Housed 33 heads of households and assisted 42 adults and 32 children.
  • Bed nights provided through Rapid Re-Housing:5,855.
For more information about how to get support, contact us at (757) 226-YWCA (9922).


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